Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally a paycheck!

So once again it's been over a month since I've written in this thing.  I finally received a long term temporary position as a temp at a financial firm.  The people are waaaay nice, it pays super well, and they pay for my lunch.  However, it's boring as hell.  But I guess I'm going  to have to get over it, if they decide to keep me perm.  But I'm not sure if they're even going to do that.  I know I should be happy that I have a job, but I really know I won't be able to make any friends here.  The only down to earth people are the
40+ ers and all though I don't age discriminate; the ones with kids aren't usually the happy hour types.  Oh well...

I've also made a decision that I'm going to pursue acting as much as I possibly can while employed.  I'm not sure what my tactics are going to be, but I feel I do have some direction, and at least that's a plus

What I'm really missing right now, is my daytime television.  Would I give up a paycheck for daytime television.  Not all.  But I do kind of miss it.  It is so outlandish.  I can't believe Oprah has a sister that she never knew about!  I'm pissed that I missed that.  Also, I need to know if they ever solved that paternity issue on One Life to Live. I guess I'll have to YouTube that.  However, I've gotten really into the Real Housewives franchise more than ever though.  Most especially Beverly Hills and Atlanta.  For the exception of New Jersey, I find these two to be the most entertaining.  I think one of my favorite Housewives is Kandi Burruss (spelling?)  she just seems so down to earth and cool.  And she always thinks of an appropriate low key comeback when someone is annoying her.  Damn, I don't remember the insult but I remember when she told NeNe Leakes, "good thing you don't get paid for thinking" which was hysterical. Gotta love Kandi.  And as much as I hate to say it Kim Zolciak (spelling?) is the show.  She is such a marvelous, sparkly, Dolce and Gabbana-wearing hot mess. But I love it.  I'm not sure if the show would be as appealing without her! And , I am totally on team Camille Grammer.  She gets a lot of crap for having all of those nannies, but I'm quite sure every other housewife in BH, UES, Palm Beach, etc. raise their kids like that.  I think they just needed to pick on someone on the show and she was that person.  What I would really love is if they got Wendy Williams to do the reunions.  Not that I don't love Andy Cohen, because I really really do. Although, I feel he lacks the pizzaz he has on Watch What's Happening Live.  He just doesn't push the Housewives for the answers.  Sometimes he looks frightened, I don't blame him I would be too.  I just think Wendy would be better for the job.  She wouldn't take the crap.

Anyway, that's my schpiel for the night.  I wasn't feeling too well so I stayed in.  I'm trying to think about a good story I can pitch to a college magazine.  If anyone knows of any good ideas let me know.  See ya!