Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leisure Time

Sooo after having a lot of fun time in "The City" these past couple of nights I decided today would be a relaxing day.  I'm most likely going to see either The Town or The Social Network but I'm leaning towards The Social Network.  Earlier today I saw a commercial for the movie, Burlesque, with Christina Aguilera and Cher.  As much as I hope the movie proves me wrong, it looks very "Glitter-esque".  I don't know, I'm all for musicals, but Burlesque doesn't look great.  Anyway, I  recently saw a clip of  writer, Amy Rhodes at a fun house on Ellen; and it's hysterical!!  I definitely needed a laugh and this was it.  Enjoy-----Amy Rhodes on Ellen

Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving Forward

So yesterday was an extremely productive day for me.  I went on a ton of interviews and I got called for another for Monday.  I'm still holding out for a Media job though, that's the dream.  However, I'm kind of confused at the moment.   Yes, the media job is the dream but it's a fairly recent dream.  When I was younger I had two big dreams of my life: becoming a working, well paid and very famous actress and owning my own clothing store simultaneously.  So yeah, I think a lot of people want to be famous when they're younger but I can't deny that I love to act and perform and think about both constantly.  It just so damn hard to get into that business and you have absolutely no control over your own career at the beginning (I'm starting to realize that I am a big control freak).  I now want to open my own business one day because I don't want to have to answer to somebody (unless I had a great boss-- which has happened about 3x in my life) It's just is now the right time to do it?  Acting and/or Media are just so based on youth more so than any other industry.  Do I take the leap now, do I still bust my ass and be dirt poor while I still pursue acting with the a chance of having nothing in the future, ro do I start shaping a more stable albeit slightly more boring life for myself so I can have money and stability and a solid future.  I suppose the question is.. Do I take a chance that can either equal extreme happiness or extreme failure or do I just go for something stable. I guess time will only tell....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My first day outta Jail!

So I am currently unemployed.  Clearly, as most bloggers are.  I had resigned from my job a little while ago and left my job on bad terms (more on that in a later post).  So I'm slightly concerned that my reputation will be tarnished in my field and with my former employees and staff members.  It's totally unfair.  But like I've learned early in life--life is "totally" unfair.  I feel very down.  Not because I miss my job---It was a toxic and high school-esque work environment.  But because I feel I am not in control of the situation.  I am not in control of how I am being presented by those people and it sucks.  But regardless, I just have to accept the situation and move on.  So where do I go from here is my biggest question.  My worry is that I won't get a job since these individuals are going out of their way to hurt me.  How can I move on from here?  I am applying to tons of jobs but in the end I just don't know what to do with my life.  I had always wanted to be an actor but that seems to be going nowhere. So my second choice, some type of media job. But these days, you need tons of experience for any entry level job (why is it called entry level if they ask for 2 years of experience? I don't know) I know other people have much bigger problems than this and thank God I have no mouths to feed but this is a crappy situation. It could be worse though, I could be at my old job.