Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh how the year goes by...

So it's pretty much been a year since I originally started this blog. So many things happened.I finally got a job as an administrative assistant. It pays well and the benefits are great and everything. The only thing is, I hate it. The people are mean, no one talks to me all day and when they do they treat me like I'm their slave or just an idiot. It's completely sedentary and ive gained tons of weight. I just HATE it. But it pays well and I need a job to pay all of my bills. So I guess I'm gonna have to keep it unless they fire me. I am thankful for a job though, I just wish was a perfect one.

Also since last year, soap operas have been on a major decline as of late. I need to find a new title.

I've been trying to get my acting career going but it's been tiring and exhausting. It's too much with my damn commute and my full time job. Am I ever going to get break w/ that? EVER?

Okay well today was a craptastic day at work because I made an error w/ the office bitch and I want to forget thatthis day ever happened.