Saturday, August 16, 2014

The End is Near

This was probably a perfect summer.  We had only four days break over 90 degrees with little to no humidity.  It rained a normal amount and the weather was pretty much always beautiful.  It was wonderul.  Perhaps this was New York's reward for dealing with that awful Polar vortex.  I personally have a theory that there wasn't really ever a "Polar Vortex".  I think meteorologists didn't know what what the hell was going on, made up some crazy ass name for the freezing cold weather we were having, and then were generally shocked when people bought it. 

Anyway, I finished my second round of treatments for my undisclosed chronic illness.  I had to tell my job about it because I was just missing too much damn work.   They were understanding and seemed considerate so it really wasn't the worst thing in the world.

The friggin scariest thing happened to me this week, though. This old homeless geezer ran after me with a cane!  Ok, so yes, this may sound hysterical (and I'm sure I'll laugh about it at some point) but it was terrifying.  On my way out of my office building, he asked me to get him some food at the nearby diner.  I was on my way, felt white person guilt (even thought I'm black) and returned with a bagel. He was talking to some other girl, and I was like, "ummm here's your muffin." His response?   " I should punch you in your face!" He throws the muffin back at me, and starts yelling.  Both the girl and I walk away.  He then starts running after me cursing at me and yelling about how he should hit me, wiith his cane in the air.  Ok, let's first discuss that this asshole is running... WITHOUT USING HIS CANE.  Bastard. I scream back at him and then he walks away.  I was literally shaking when I walked back to my office.  I just feel so stupid. I never give things or interact with these types ever.  This was my first time doing anything like this.  Why on earth did I think it was ok do it now?  I just dont know.  It's so weird how these things can affect you though.  I watch when people on TV get attacked and it frightens me; but theres always a voice in the back of my head thinking "that will never happen to you." I suppoose it can happen to anyone.  But hey!  That's New York!

Right now I'm thinking "end on a positve note, end a positve note". Right now my new summer goals are to finish reading all of Shakespeare's comedies and watch every Academy Award best picture winner. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.  But I can try!

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