Saturday, August 2, 2014


So I've been really out of commission lately.  I've just been busy doing nothing.  My chronic illness flared up and I had to cancel both my improv and film class this summer.  Disappointing, but I suppose worse things can happen.  I am really thrilled to be finally living in NYC and being on my own terms rather than living in the suburbs and living with my parents.  Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and I am very well over the age of 18, but I just had to constantly tell them where I was  going and when I'll be back; and that's just annoying as an adult.  So I'm just glad to be in my studio.  
Anyway I really need this summer to be productive.  I've had to drop everything and I'm realizing now that the summer will literally be over in just a few short weeks.  Back to the daily grind, ya know?  So right now I'm going to try and focus on completing other goals and enjoying my summer. I'd really like to take a trip, even if its a little one before the summer is over.  I should also probably try and finish my VO demo.  I've been working on it an a half assed fashion for years now and I really should complete it.  Perhaps I should also read a book or two?  All in all, maybe for once I should just stop over analyzing and relax! 

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