Sunday, June 22, 2014


So today was improv.  I love improv.  Well I love it when the stars align, God likes me, and I am actually listening, being present, and coming up with decent ideas.  But then there are days when I'm just kind of an asshole in class.  Not listening, going out of my way to be funny (rather than letting it happen organically), and just being a general spaz.  Today was a mix of a good improv class and a bad improv class for me.  For some reason I'm acting like such a pussy in class, I don't go up first, and I don't make bold moves or choices.  Things have been not so great since I told some of my class members that I have been taking improv for awhile at a different theatre.  Since I'm now in somewhat of a beginning class right now (at a different theatre), I now feel an intense pressure to be the best or at least, good.  And I'm totally failing at it.  Whenever I'm feeling pressure my mind just goes blank.  Why can't I be a confident, relaxed, normal person like everyone else?  What the F (yes, I know I wrote pussy earlier) is wrong with me?  Hopefully I can get better as time goes on but it's going to take A LOT of practice.  Really it's my focus that's off.   Who knows, I didn't have coffee today, so maybe that's the reason why I'm a little off.  Anyway this is going to be "week - o -improv" with a lot of classes and shows, so maybe I'll be revitalized after that...or just exhausted!  Ironically, Aaliyah's, "Try Again"  is playing at The Coffee Bean right now, so maybe that's a sign!  Ok, now I'm just being lame.

Anyway, it seems the focus on my career is now underway.  I went to improv class, which is a woot woot, and I have a few more this week.  If I can focus, maybe thing will work out.

Oh, but how can I focus! There are some really great TV shows on right now!  Especially for the summer.  Right now, my new favorite is Chasing Life on ABC Family.  Why is it called ABC Family when it's really television for teenagers?  Well, I don't have an answer for that.  But most of their shows are awesome.  Anyway, this show, Chasing Life, is about this twenty something chick, April, who realizes she has cancer.  This annoys April because her life just recently became awesome: new job, hot new boyfriend, and family getting along.  The possibility of dying kind of freaks her out as well.  So April wants to keep the cancer a secret for as long as possible, but pretty soon she'll have to tell everyone.  I think I'm the most excited for this show because Scott Michael Foster is in it.  OK, so really I'm obsessed with any actor from the now defunct ABC Family show Greek.  So, I'm glad to see Foster on TV again.  Clearly, Chasing Life has become my new appointment television show. 

So guys, I'm going to go chase my own life and work on a few other things before I call it day!  It's been real. 

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